BH Fitness S3Ri Recumbent Bike Review

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BH Fitness S3Ri Recumbent Bike Review

The S3Ri Recumbent Bike is gentle on the body, pre-loaded with workouts and easily connected to the Internet. Bring your own technology; your own…

BH Fitness S3Ri Recumbent Bike Specs


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The BH Fitness S3Ri is a walk-through recumbent bike designed for comfort, fitness and entertainment. This home exercise bike is especially easy to mount/dismount. It has dozens of built-in workouts, including several that adjust to data from a wireless heart rate receiver. A key feature relates to the “i” in S3Ri: This bike has iConcept, so connecting an Android device, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch adds to the possibilities.

With iConcept the rider’s own mobile device replaces the bike’s LCD. The phone or tablet computer runs an app to display workouts and exercise data. The iConcept system runs in the background, making it convenient to access other programs during workouts. The connection also lets owners download new workouts from BH Fitness.

Is this the best exercise bike for you? The S3Ri is mid-level in the BH Fitness Signature Series. Its regular price is $1299. The cheaper S1Ri doesn’t have the walk-through design, and it only has contact heart rate monitoring (not wireless)… And the more expensive S5Ri offers greater adjustability and has a longer parts warranty (10 years instead of five). Here are our pro/con lists for the BH Fitness S3Ri Recumbent Bike.

The Great

Here are some reasons riders like the S3Ri Recumbent Bike.

  • Recumbent Seating: Compared with upright bikes, recumbent bikes are especially designed to provide comfortable low-impact workouts. They let you extend your legs in front of your body while cycling, so you put relatively less pressure on your joints. The BH Fitness S3Ri bike seat provides good lumbar support and is ventilated to help keep you cool. Handrails along the sides offer stability and have contact heart rate sensors.
  • Walk-Through Design: Compared with upright bikes, recumbent bikes are easier to get onto. The S3Ri gets BH Fitness’s easiest-to-access recumbent bike design. As the image shows, there is open “walk-through” space at the front of the bike. On other bikes that space would be occupied by the flywheel.
  • Workout Programs: The exercise bike console has 26 workout modes. The collection includes four heart rate controlled programs, interval training, random mode and more. There are 24 levels of resistance.
  • iConcept: Download new workouts and easily use your own apps while biking! iConcept lets your tablet computer, iPod Touch or smartphone act as the workout console.
  • Exercise Data: Workout feedback include distance, time, calories, speed, RPM and heart rate.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: This bike has a wireless heart rate receiver. It also has contact sensors. The heart rate data can be used to control three built-in heart rate programs and a customized target heart rate workout.
  • 24 Resistance Levels: The S3Ri Recumbent Bike has a wide range of resistance for different workout needs. It’s ideal for low-impact muscle toning, calorie burn and cardiovascular training.
  • Secure Pedaling: The bike pedals have shoe straps for stability.
  • Water Bottle Holder: A water bottle holder is attached to the frame.
  • Transport Wheels: Easily move the bike from room to room. Transport wheels are attached to the back of the frame.
  • High Capacity: The S3Ri Recumbent Bike has a 350-pound user weight capacity.
  • Warranty: This bike has a competitive residential warranty. Owners get lifetime coverage for the frame and parts protection for five years. Labor is free for the first year.

The Not-So-Great

Here are some potential drawbacks of choosing the BH Fitness S3Ri Recumbent Bike.

  • No Fan: The bike console doesn’t have a workout fan.
  • No Reading Rack: There’s no media rack for a magazine.

Who Should Ride the BH Fitness S3Ri Recumbent Bike?

The S3Ri Recumbent Bike is a good choice for someone seeking comfort, exercise guidance and a convenient Internet connection during workouts.

This is an effective trainer for cardiovascular fitness, weight management and muscle toning, and it supports low-impact cycling that may be approved for physical therapy patients. Its maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds.

The Bottom Line

The BH Fitness S3Ri Recumbent Bike offers very good value. It arrives with ample workout guidance and its menu can be expanded with downloads. A long parts warranty helps ensure that this is a fitness machine for the longer term — and with iConcept, you can keep it up-to-date as technology changes. Highly recommended!

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