Landice Exercise Bike Review

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Landice is an elite brand for home gyms and commercial fitness centers. They feature two exercise bike models – upright and recumbent – to serve all audiences: families, health club members, hotel guests, emergency rescue workers, university communities and so forth. Names for the upright bikes include U7 and U9, and for Landice recumbent bikes they include R7 and R9.

While all Landice bike customers receive the same machines, the difference is warranty. For home use Landice bikes have lifetime warranties. For commercial use they have five-year warranties. These warranty deals are exceptional, and durability is a top draw for the Landice brand.

Comfort and luxury are also brand hallmarks. Landice bikes are comfortable for most body sizes, and the training programs are high quality. Diverse workout programs are aboard, each customizable. Three fitness tests such as the Gerkin protocol are included too.

Here are pros and cons to consider about choosing the Landice bike brand.

The Great:

Here are some reasons people choose Landice exercise bikes.

  • Low-Impact Exercise: The high quality engineering of Landice bikes helps minimize the stress of exercise over the spine, knees and other joints. The recumbent Landice bike (R7 / R9)  is naturally optimized for low-impact cross training, and the upright Landice bike (U7 / U9) can be gentle enough for rehabilitative exercise. For commercial use the upright bike is sometimes labeled “Landice U9 Rehab Bike.”
  • Commercial Quality: All Landice bikes are commercial grade. They are very low maintenance and show respect for biomechanics. The high quality lets Landice provide industry-leading warranties as noted in the intro to this brand review.
  • Adjustable Resistance: For strength training each Landice bike offers 20 resistance levels. Resistance is controlled with magnets, either by workout programs or buttons on the console and handlebars.
  • Digital Entertainment: Landice bike consoles each have a shelf to support your mobile device at eye level. Sold separately are a 19” Landice Vision TV and a bracket for affixing your own flat screen monitor.
  • 13 Training Programs: Each bike has 10 preset workout programs that automate the speed and resistance. These cover a wide range of workout styles, such as simple distance training and high intensity interval training. Two of the programs use heart rate control. Additionally three tests are included: Army 2 Mile, Gerkin Firefighter and the Balke test for cardiovascular fitness.
  • Useful Feedback: Landice bikes for 2018 are paired with Landice Cardio control panels. Their data windows let you see multiple statistics at once, such as speed, RPM, calories per minute, heart rate and heart rate zone. Heart rate can be measured wirelessly (strap sold separately) or with a bike’s built-in grip sensors. Results are saved for eight weeks for up to four user profiles.
  • Club-Style Amenities: Each Landice bike includes a three-speed fan and storage areas for drinks, your smartphone and other items.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Landice customer service earns great marks in customer reviews and our “secret shopper” adventures.
  • Made in the USA: Since 1967 Landice has built all its fitness machines in the USA.

The Not-So-Great:

Here are some potential drawbacks of choosing a Landice bike.

  • Price: Landice exercise bikes cost significantly more than others, especially for home use.
  • No Bluetooth: Landice has added Bluetooth to some of its fitness machines, but their exercise bikes aren’t yet ready for mobile app connection.

Who Should Choose Landice Bikes?

Landice is a top choice for riders of almost any height, body size and strength. Each machine has a high user weight capacity and at least 12 seat positions. However, the upright bike has no forward/backward settings, so residential shoppers who are especially tall or short are urged to try this bike before buying. Challenge-wise the 20 resistance settings can satisfy all but the very strongest trainees, and the preset workout programs can support any training goal.

The Bottom Line

The Landice brand is a longtime leader in fitness. Whether you choose a residential or commercial Landice bike, you’ll own machinery that is durable, ergonomic and equipped with reliable electronics. When budgets are comfortable this brand is a smart and satisfying choice for the long haul.