ProForm Tour de France Pro 5.0 Indoor Cycle Review

With the tag line, “Be Better- Be Unbeatable,” the Tour de France Pro 5.0 by ProForm impresses with its multiple customizable options and high-performance features. With a 20% incline/decline, this bike makes it easy to simulate varying terrain. And with 24 preset tour workout apps, which now feature stages from the 2015 Tour de France, it’s easy and fun to change up your route and workout.

In addition to great program variety, the Pro 5.0 is also iFit enabled, with a 10″ touchscreen display where users can enjoy HD video workouts via the Android-powered browser. Equipped with innovative, high-tech and high-performance features like these, this indoor trainer is built to impress.

This bike retails for $1,999 on the ProForm website, which includes shipping as well as a 30-day money back guarantee. Here’s our full, detailed review of the ProForm TDF Pro 5.0 for model year 2015.

The Great:

  • Electronic Shifting Controls: There are 30 gears and customizable gear ratios to match your individual bike ride. This model is also equipped with a triple front chainring and 10 back derailleurs.
  • Pedals with Cages: For better grip and increased comfort, the pedals are designed with toe cages and straps.
  • Incline/Decline: The TDF Pro 5.0 is equipped with an incline/decline capability of 20% and multiple programs that will automatically adjust the incline/decline to achieve desired results. With these options, it’ easy to change up routes and train to your top potential.
  • Web-Enabled Touchscreen Display: A 10″ full-color touchscreen display, powered by Android, makes this trainer a tech-savvy model. The web-enabled console is also iFit compatible so if you have a subscription to this program, you can access tons of unique routes powered by Google Maps.
  • Multiple Workout Apps: Choose from 24 preset tour workout apps, which now feature stages from the 2015 Tour de France.
  • iFit Compatibility: If you have a subscription to the iFit program, you can enjoy access to your personally stored workout stats and tons of routes powered by Google Maps.
  • Power Meter Display: The Power Meter display is a unique built-in feature that is really helpful, especially if you are training for a race. The Power Meter displays your personal cycling performance with precision readouts and watts measurements, and then calibrates the power display to ensure precise readouts individualized to your performance.
  • Multiple Adjustable Features: This bike provides an adjustable saddle (which can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically) and handlebars, as well as adjustable leveling feet.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring: Using BLE wireless technology, this model is compatible with the hands-free BLE heart rate monitor, but the actual monitor is sold separately.

The Not-So-Great:

  • Warranty: The lifetime warranty coverage on the frame is nice, but the 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor is not.
  • Shipping Concerns: A few customers have experienced issues with shipping on this model, so be aware.

Who should use the ProForm Tour de France 5.0?

The ProForm TDF Pro 5.0 indoor cycle is designed for bikers who enjoy lots of variety and customizable options. This model is ideal for almost anyone seeking to get fit and build endurance. It also has several features to help with race day training.

See the ProForm TDF Pro 5.0 Indoor Cycle Promotion Video!

The Bottom Line

Despite the so-so warranty on parts and labor, the TDF Pro 5.0 really offers a lot of high-performance features and adjustable options, making it a great fit for almost anyone from beginner to intermediate racer.

ProForm Tour de France Pro 5.0 Indoor Cycle Specs

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