Yowza Naples Recumbent Trainer Review

This model has been discontinued. See below for the best alternative model.


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Yowza Naples Recumbent Trainer Review

Highly recommended! The Yowza Naples is ready to comfortably train the arms, legs and core muscles at once. This unique blend of a recumbent…

Yowza Naples Recumbent Trainer Specs


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Yowza brand is discontinued, please see a new brand of exercise bikes!

The innovative Yowza Naples CardioCore EVO kicks off Yowza’s series of three hybrid trainers. Designed for exercise that’s gentle on the spine and joints, it lets people sit down and lean back to exercise. The Yowza Naples supports forward/reverse bicycling and elliptical training — and it engages the whole body! While other recumbent fitness machines focus exclusively on the legs, this clever unit also helps tone arms and the core. Users can decide whether to use just the arm bars, just the pedals or both at once.

The Yowza Naples CardioCore EVO has light resistance; it’s not meant for “feeling the burn.” It is suitable for rehab, weight loss, cardio exercise and muscle definition. This total body trainer has 16 resistance levels and nine preset workouts.

Although the Naples carries only a residential warranty, it would likely hold up well in light commercial settings. Feature by feature, here are some pros and cons of choosing this ride.

The Great

Here are some reasons shoppers choose the Yowza Naples and give it great reviews.

  • Total Body Training: The Naples elliptical bike has major appeal to people interested in toning not only their legs, but their arms and abdominal muscles too.
  • Stable Frame: At 223 pounds this machine weighs more than many of its competitors. It has a 400-pound user weight capacity. For comparison, most stationary bikes have maximum capacities of 300 to 350 pounds.
  • Reversible Motion: Pedal forward or backward! The variety engages more muscle fibers and helps keeps exercise interesting.
  • Built-In Fitness Programs: Older versions of the Yowza Naples had just three workout programs, but those upgraded for 2015 have nine preset programs. Examples are Target Time, Target Distance, Fat Burning, and Watts. These programs can be used with 16 resistance levels. Additionally, there are three user profiles. Each user can save five self-designed workouts.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: The Yowza Naples has a wireless heart rate receiver. Compatible chest straps are sold separately.
  • Ergonomic Pedals: Pedals on the Naples can pivot. This lets riders make healthier motions than with fixed pedals, or pedals that can’t tilt inward. The pedals are cushioned too. Because they absorb impact so well, they reduce fatigue and encourage people to exercise for longer.
  • Adjustable Seat: Make power-driven seat adjustments! Most other stationary bikes require manual adjustments.
  • Cooling Fan: A three-speed workout fan is built into the console.
  • Audio: Enjoy your favorite songs or podcasts while exercising. High-fidelity speakers and an iPod-compatible port are included.
  • Charges Devices: The Yowza Naples can charge mobile phones and other devices at its USB port.
  • Warranty: The Yowza Naples residential warranty is generous. It provides lifetime coverage for the frame, five years for parts and electronics, and two years of in-home labor. If the machine were to go kaput after five years, you would have spent a bit more than $1/day for total body workouts. Not bad!

The Not-So-Great

  • Resistance: The Yowza Naples is a high quality fitness machine. Keep in mind though, it caters to people seeking low-stress workouts. The highest resistance level isn’t that powerful; the next day, you probably won’t “feel the burn.” A minority of owners would want more of a challenge.
  • Price: This machine might seem expensive when compared with traditional indoor bikes. We think the expense is justified, given the total body training and long warranty… but the $1,999 price tag is of course a deterrent for many shoppers.
  • Size: These fitness machines demand more floor space than do traditional elliptical trainers or recumbent indoor bikes. Their footprint is 66″ x 28″.

Video Review Features of the Yowza Naples Recumbent Trainer!

Who Should Ride the Yowza Naples Elliptical Bike?

The recumbent Yowza Naples is an excellent trainer for low-stress workouts. It’s recommended for just about anyone seeking effective cardiovascular exercise, calorie burn and total body toning that won’t be sore on their muscles.

The Bottom Line

The Yowza Naples Bike is a durable multi-purpose fitness machine that feels great to use. It is more effective than traditional recumbent bikes and carries a best-in-class warranty. Highly recommended!

Note: If you choose this product, save the box. Buyers get a 30-day trial period. The Yowza Naples CardioCore EVO can be returned, but only in its original packaging.

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