Stamina CPS 9300 Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

The Stamina CPS 9300 Indoor Cycle Trainer has a 40-pound flywheel and a sturdy steel frame. Riders can choose from light to heavy resistance…


Stamina CPS 9300 Indoor Cycle Trainer Specs


Stamina CPS 9300 Indoor Cycle Trainer Review

The Stamina CPS 9300 Indoor Cycle Trainer has a 40-pound flywheel and a sturdy steel frame. Riders can choose from light to heavy resistance…

Stamina CPS 9300 Indoor Cycle Trainer Specs


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The ultra-compact Stamina CPS 9300 Indoor Cycle Trainer accurately mimics the sensation of riding an outdoor bicycle. With a sturdy steel frame and a 40-pound flywheel, it can support vigorous workouts and is a common choice for avid outdoor cyclists on bad weather days. Unlike outdoor bikes though, it provides readouts for time, distance, speed and calories burned. This trainer can be a good partner for the goals of weight loss, strength training and preparing for outdoor rides.

Highly adjustable, the Stamina CPS 9300 is sized for people about 5′ to 6’2″ and can support up to 300 pounds. Its list price of $699.99 includes a limited warranty protecting customers against lemons. The frame is under warranty for three years and parts are covered for 90 days.

Here’s a point-by-point review of the Stamina CPS 9300’s features.

The Great:

This bike is especially good for spin class, strength building and prepping for outdoor rides. It is highly adjustable, with both the handlebars and seat being movable to fit riders of different heights. Here are some features that owners of the Stamina CPS 9300 appreciate.

  • Easy Assembly: Off to a good start! This bike is relatively easy to assemble; some report building it in 30 minutes or less. Because some parts are heavy though, assembly is not a one-person project.
  • Heavy Flywheel: The heart of this ride is a 40-pound flywheel. This lets riders choose heavy resistance and always get a smooth ride, like riding in gear outdoors. In most reviews of the Stamina CPS 9300, customers report very quiet operation.
  • Steel Frame: This bike has a steel frame that’s under three-year residential warranty, assuming a maximum 300-pound user weight capacity. Owners report that the Stamina 9300 remains sturdy during intense workouts.
  • Good Pedals: The pedals feel like those on a regular bicycle. Owners can switch them out for SPD pedals or other pedals if desired.
  • Adjustable Saddle: It’s easy to move the bike seat up or down, forward or backward for the right stride length. The bike is comfortable and can accept a standard bike seat cushion.
  • Adjustable Handlebars: The handlebar height is adjustable.
  • Data: Many indoor cycle trainers don’t provide exercise data. The Stamina 9300 shows distance, time and speed along with an estimate of calories burned.
  • Water Bottle Holder: A water bottle holder is included.
  • High Capacity: The maximum user weight capacity is 300 pounds.
  • Compact Size: The Stamina 9300 is one of the smallest indoor cycles trainers we’ve seen. Its footprint is just 44″ long x 19″ wide.
  • Easy to Move: Transport wheels are attached at the front. Just tilt the bike for easy relocation.

The Not-So-Great:

The majority of riders say that this machine runs quietly, but some say that it’s squeaky. Here are some other potential drawbacks of choosing the Stamina CPS 9300.

  • Very Basic Console: The data console is obviously better than nothing. However, it feels rather cheap and gives relatively little feedback.
  • Cheap Handlebar Covers: Customers report handlebar covers that arrive broken or soon break with use.
  • Wiggly Handlebars: Customers report needing to tighten the handlebars after a few exercise sessions. The bars sometimes wobble when people lift from the saddle.
  • Warranty: This bike carries a very substandard warranty. Three years are provided for the frame, whereas lifetime guarantees are the norm. Parts can only be replaced for free during the first 90 days.

Who Should Ride the Stamina CPS 9300 Indoor Cycle Trainer?

The Stamina CPS 9300 Indoor Cycle Trainer gets positive reviews from a wide range of owners. It fits short people and tall people, it’s stable for up to 300 pounds, and it can offer a lot of resistance. This fitness machine can help people lose weight, build muscle tone or prepare for outdoor bike rides.

The Bottom Line

The Stamina CPS 9300 Indoor Cycle Trainer has a heavy flywheel, a sturdy steel frame and a pretty good track record. We would like to see a more generous warranty though. Although most owners are satisfied, buying this bike is a little bit risky and you could get more quality for the price.

Some alternatives: Cheaper yet more durable options are the LifeSpan S2 and the Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. These also have 40-pound flywheels. They get fewer complaints than the Stamina does, and both have optional three-year warranties.

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